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Hot Pepper Jellies

100% Natural product made in Costa Rica

Spicy hot to enhance the flavor of your food

Parve Kosher certified product


          Proudly born in Costa Rica, NORKA LTDA, has offered a line of hot, spicy jellies under the name of CHILE-JELLY  that have been attracting consumers throughout the years. Its first product, in 1992, was a sweet and hot red pepper jelly, CHILE-JELLY ORIGINAL, whose acceptance among consumers continues to be confirmed by its ongoing presence in prestigious supermarkets. Years later a new version was launched with pineapple as its main ingredient, CHILE-JELLY PIÑA, which also became a favorite.


          In 2007, the company, following its interest in the hot pepper market, launched two new products according to its tendency to promote new flavors with suggestive ingredients, CHILE-JELLY PIÑA JENGIBRE and CHILE-JELLY MANGO.


          Our jellies are a combination of sweet pepper, hot peppers, fruits, natural sugar and natural vinegar, which offer the consumers a product that will seduce the palate of those who try it. Natural vinegar and natural fresh quality products make a 100% natural product, without preservatives or artificial colors.


           CHILE-JELLY awakens our senses and are meant to be savored.  When they reach the mouth, changes start  happening in the palate that make a joy of  the experience. The sweet and tart flavors combine with the fruit of choice, pineapple, mango, ginger or sweet pepper.  Its presentation in transparent glass jars lets us see suspended little pieces of fruit and/or sweet pepper, and the brilliant and attractive colors. The nose perceives a provocative fruity acidity, and our tastebuds a range of flavors that are discovered one by one. The acidity and tartness are a plus that allow our hot pepper jellies to be a good combination with almost any kind of food.


          Each one of our hot pepper jellies can be used according to your creativity and imagination, in combinations that will make you a master chef!


          Write to us: info@chilejelly.comand let us know about your creative combinations.