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Hot Pepper Jellies

100% Natural product made in Costa Rica

Spicy hot to enhance the flavor of your food

Parve Kosher certified product

Tips and Suggestions


  • Chile-Jelly Hot Pepper Jellies are excellent with cream cheese and crackers 


  • They are an excellent glaze for ham, chicken, meats or fish 

  • Spread them in your favorite sandwich


  • Drizzle them over your freshly cooked corn on the cob

  • Mix them with mayonnaise and spread them over tomato slices, beets or your favorite vegetable


  • Use them as a dip for fried cheese, shrimp, fried chicken, fondues and more


  • Combined with sour cream, cream cheese or yogurt Chile-Jelly Hot Pepper Jellies make a wonderful dip for vegetables or tortilla chips 

  • Add them to your fried weiners 


  • Stir fry Chile-Jelly with chopped onion,  and a drop of soy sauce and pour them over anything you wish, steak, pork chop or fish fillet


  • Delicious with fried red or black beans 


  • Excellent in your hot dog 


  • Add it to your favorite salad dressing 

  • Serve it with pathe, cheese and cold cuts 


  • Mix it with cream cheese and spread it over your favorite bagel


  • Put it on pejibayes*  instead of mayonnaise...Exquisite combination!

  • Pour over warmed (microwave) Camembert or Brie and serve with toasted french bread


  • With a few drops of sesame oil, a dash of soy sauce and vegetable oil you have the perfect sauce for chinese food


*Pejibaye (bactris gasipaes) or palm fruit is a protein rich relative of the coconut.